Wine tourism in Provence

26/01/16 - Jolies Choses

« Welcoming you into the world of wine! »


Wine is no ordinary product. Discovering wine, it’s first and foremost knowing where it comes from, getting a feel for the “terroir” that gives it its unique character, and also taking the time to get to know the people who make it. A warm and down-to-earth welcome awaits wine lovers who wish to meet Provence’s world class wine makers.


Provence… its sunshine, colors, fragrances and aromas… As you travel the roads of Provence, you’ll discover breathtaking landscapes, a rich cultural and natural heritage, and vineyards as far as the eye can see! They extend from the Mediterranean coast to the foothills of Alps, from the countryside around Aix-en-Provence to the hills above Nice.
A bountiful and welcoming land of contrasts, Provence is home to a community of winemakers whose products reflect its unique climate and many different “terroirs”, which you will sense in each of their wines. The best way to discover the wines of Provence is to pay a visit to the many wineries in the region and immerse you in the culture for a few precious moments.
The winemakers of Provence know how to enhance the attractiveness of their vineyards, and are pleased to open their doors to the public so that visitors can discover the region’s history, its vineyards, its wines, its culture and storied winemaking heritage. Wine tourism in Provence has many different faces: wine tasting with industry experts, visits to wineries and tasting rooms, nature walks through the vineyards, meals at country inns and bed & breakfasts, and many other special events.