The route of a unique way of life


"When God created the sun, the earth, the mountains and the water and put them in place, he took a little piece of each to make a paradise and thus Provence was born." ¬—A Provencal proverb 

Constant sun, azure skies, light unlike any other, cicadas, world-class festivals, mesmerizing Mediterranean blues, palms drawn up towards the sky, dreamy beaches, hidden creeks, mountains and hills punctuating the horizon, fragrant gardens, welcoming arbours, colourful markets, the fine art of napping, languorous hedonism, Gallo-Roman sites and the friendly chat; this is the Provencal art of living. Dear to Cézanne, Picasso, Matisse, Jean Giono, Marcel Pagnol and so many others, Provence has characteristics that make it a popular destination in all seasons.

These are the reasons why Provence is the first tourist region of France! Among the many roads to explore, there is the Cézanne Circuit, the Heritage Route, the Lavender Route, the Wine Route and the Perched Village Route; all making Provence ripe for discovery.


The Wine Route and the art of living

The Wine Route is the way to go if you want to share the Provençal lifestyle. Wine is indeed a remarkable and delightful cultural mediator. This noble product brings the identity and character of the land, as well as the soul of the winemaker who elaborated it. From Nice’s doorstep to the Camargue, 420 wineries and cooperative cellars open their doors to offer you a personalized and guided tasting of their wines. This sunny and charming route passes through beautiful sites with thousands of roads leading to hidden wineries, cellars welcome you from all corners of Provence. As you tour around, you can interact with the region’s passionate winemakers who will give you a better understanding of the culture and character of their wines and land.
We wish you a pleasurable journey— with moderation, of course!