The Local White

Served at 6-8 ° C, Provence white wines reveal a great diversity in their personalities. While some appellations like Palette or Cassis are mainly whites, one can find many nice surprises and discoveries all around the terroir.

The lively, fresh, supple, round and very aromatic white wines of Provence bring their freshness to seafood and fish—grilled or in sauce. They are also very enjoyable as an aperitif, for example, paired with some flavourful local olives. Great white wine, aged in barrels, work well with white meat, truffles and goat cheese. The most common varieties used in Provence are: Rolle (or Vermentino), Ugni Blanc, Clairette (an ancient local grape used for the wines of Cassis, Bandol and Palette), Sévignon, White Bourboulenc (or Doillon), which is a late, robust and very hardy variety that remains rare in Provence.

Did you know?

For white wine, the fruit is pressed and the juice is fermented directly in a tank. This method allows for extracting as little pulp and grape skins as possible (which give the wine its hue). It is therefore possible to obtain white wine with red grapes!